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Lockrite Washers ©( Wedge Lock Washer ) - LR Washer Series

lockrite Washers © are used along with bolts and offer resistance to self loosening during vibration & fluctuating loads. These washers wedge each other and lock themselves utilizing Tension leading to a secure Bolted Joint. Using Lockrite Washers © ensures a Long Term Vibration Proof Locking Devices

Lockrite Washers ©

LockRite Washers © (Delta Protect Finish - 600 Hrs. Salt Spray Life)

Belleville Washer

Belleville Washer

IIS Manufacturers Belleville washer in imperial as well as metric sizes.

Wave Spring Washers

Wave Spring Washers

IIS makes all types of wave Spring washers as per DIN 137 & DIN 6904.

Serrated Safety Washers

Serrated Safety Washers
(Rib Washers)

Serrated Washers are Disc Springs with Trapezoidal Cross Section on both sides for gripping.

Cylindrical Curved Washers

In today's world of miniaturization and smaller component design Curved Washers play a very vital role.

Washers designed to solve fasteners failure

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About Us

International Industrial Springs (IIS), Thane (Mumbai) - India established in the year 1967 has specialized in Manufacture of Coil Springs, Industrial Springs, Disc Springs, Washers, Rings, Precision Sheet Metal Components, Stampings etc. and catering to the requirements of domestic as well as International customers. IIS continued its steady growth by implementing modern manufacturing methods. Our engineers have utilized their engineering backgrounds, experience and skills in designing and improving the manufacturing process to enhance quality product. We are an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company.

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