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Wave Spring Washers

IIS makes all types of wave Spring washers as per DIN 137 & DIN 6904. IIS Wave washers are made from prime quality spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other material which are readily available in very standard sizes. Wave washers are wavy metal washers designed to offer a compensating spring force and maintain a load or take up shock. These are the disc of irregular shape formed in such a way that when loaded it deflects, acts like a spring, and provides a preload between two surfaces. Wave washers are very useful for limited radial space and moderate thrust load e.g. Axial loading of Ball bearing.

The number of waves can be two, three or ~ more. The spring rate is proportional to the number of waves raised to the fourth power. Wave Washers are generally preferred as cushion spacers between parts on shafts or to take up the probable deviation in assembled parts. These are positioned underneath a nut, an axle bearing or a joint to reduce friction, avoid leakage, isolate, stop loosening or distribute pressure. IIS has ready stock of all the sizes. For details checkout our website.

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